welsh thanksgiving thursday 20 october • cwrdd diolchgarwch • dafydd morris

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Tabernacle Cardiff is an independent, evangelical and reformed church in Cardiff

By God’s grace we aim to worship the Lord in a way that is appropriate. We pray that our church meetings contain reverence to a holy God and the joy belonging to so great salvation. This so great salvation through the dying of Christ for our sin, is found, not through our efforts to please God, but rather through a broken heart for sin and a humble faith in Christ alone. It is by faith alone, in Christ alone and by grace alone.

You are most welcome in all our meetings and if you are not able to join us in person you can join us through our live video. Our main meetings on Sunday are 10.30am and 6.00pm.  In the morning we have a supervised creche with video relay. In the evening there is a creche for parents with video relay. There is also a Welsh meeting with English subtitles at 3.30pm.

‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved’ Acts 16 verse 31

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our youtube playlists

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letters to the soul by vernon higham

‘Letters to the Soul’ written by Vernon Higham are helpful to those who are seeking the way of salvation. You may also want to watch Vernon Higham preaching the gospel “You are not concerned enough”

‘that ye might believe’ meetings on saturday mornings • pastor jeff gilbert

On Saturday mornings at 11am at the ‘Open Door’ meeting, Pastor Jeff Gilbert leads an evangelistic Bible Study series ‘that ye might believe’ See calendar for schedule

sunday school at 3.30pm

We invite children age 3+ to Sunday School and Bible Classes

upcoming meetings

  • vid Welsh Thanksgiving ‘Cwrdd Diolchgarwch’ / 7.30pm Thursday 20 October 2016 / Dafydd Morris
  • Chippenham Conference / Saturday 19 November 2016 / Simon Green
  • United Youth Rally at Margam Road / 7.30pm Friday 25 November 2016 / David Pfeiffer
  • vid Welsh Carols ‘Noson o Garolau’ / 7.30pm Thursday 1 December 2016

Church Lunches 2016 dates

27 March / 24 July / 31 July / 9 October / 4 December