camps project 2016

liz steel third sketch 2013

update 20160909

The first camp at the church hall took place at the end of August with the Christian Worship Cardiff Camp . It was our first experience of the vision realised. We were very pleased not only with the way it all worked out but also with the privilege of housing a blessed camp. 

The plans to improve the facilities will continue by God’s grace. The first obvious task is to finish the installation of the showers. The shell of the rooms have all been prepared. We will be able to install the showers whenever our funds allow. More long term and important improvements would be to replace the windows (allowing better ventilation) in the upper hall where the bed spaces are positioned. There are also many other improvements to the hall which will benefit the camps. We also plan to improve kitchen and utility equipment.

update 20160822

All the work has been completed and the bunk beds and all are in place. We are very pleased with the project and thank God. We pray the camp starting today will be abundantly blessed. You can watch a quick tour around the building works through this youtube clip.

update 20160730

Good progress has been made before breaking for the Summer Conference. We are very pleased with the architects and contractors. Both with their courtesy and consideration, and also the excellent quality of work, not to mention the diligence and commitment to the scheme.  

Most of the structural and building work has been done. The majority of the remaining work involves the finishes and final touches. The scheme is on target for completion in time for the Christian Worship Camp at the end of August.

It is so good to see the scheme and vision take shape. We are eager to install the first phase of showers but need our funds to increase before embarking on the installation. But we are encouraged to see the shell of the showers in place as a statement of intent.

update 20160606

It was good to see the contractors arrive today and begin work in earnest in the upper hall. The works include the important and necessary upgrades to meet current day regulations. It is exciting to see the work begin and we look forward to the beginning of the camps work.

To boot the bunk beds and mattresses all arrived today and are being stored in the upper hall. Kitchen equipement has already arrived and is waiting installation.   

update 20160603

The contractor is now hoping to begin work on the hall a week early on Monday 6 June. Our church members have been busy moving equipment and items out of their way. We are also progressing with ordering kitchen equipment and bunk beds.

update 20160528

We thank God for a very encouraging gift week which has allowed us to commit to the reduced scheme. We have also received planning permission. We recently held a pre contract meeting with Alwyn Jones Architects and NSC Construction. The planned date to begin work is Monday 13 June.

There are many other parts of the project that require expenditure. We are purchasing beds, partitions and kitchen equipment. We are also obtaining further quotations for the parts omitted from the full scheme. This work will probably be carried out after the Christian Worship Camp at the end of August.

We pray the Lord will prosper this venture and bless a generation.

update 20160505

Our architects “Alwyn Jones Architects” have submitted the tender report for the building works of the camps project. They have proposed a reduced scheme to keep the costs as near as possible to our budget. The reduced scheme is also significantly over our budget. We are holding a gift week in the church to help cover the additional costs. We are very thankful to all who have already sent gifts towards this project.

We believe the high costs reflect the complexity of the work, the high standard of specification and work offered by the tendering contractors and the important and necessary upgrades of the hall to present day regulations.

God willing, if we receive planning permission this month, the contractor will begin work at the beginning of June.

We are holding a special prayer meeting on Wednesday 11 May to pray for the project and our need of His grace and blessing in our days.

update 20160323

We thought it might be helpful to provide updates of the camps project to those who are interested. We believe this is a good work which will facilitate the work of the gospel amongst our young people. We are enthusiastic about the project and wish to complete a substantial amount of it in time for the Christian Worship camp in August. We pray the Lord will be pleased to bless the venture with His grace.

The plan is to adapt our church hall premises to host youth camps. Part of the work will be upgrades to our church hall (such as fire regulation works), which will benefit our premises as well as make them suitable to hold camps. There are a number of upgrades and purchases which are solely for the camps use.

Key parts of the project are providing showers in the upper hall area, purchasing kitchen equipment, installing blinds to the upper hall windows, games equipment, purchasing 20 demountable bunk beds and mattresses, purchasing mobile partitions to provide privacy to sleeping areas, converting the stage area to a storage area for beds and mobile partitions.

We have commissioned architects to the building work and they have sent plans for consents, including listed building approval. We are in the process of sending plans to a number of contractors for tender.

We would like the facility to be free of charge to churches of like mind. We will probably invite churches to be part of a group who can use the facility. We will try to accommodate any request to use the facility, but there will be preferred time slots throughout the year, such as school holiday periods.

We appreciate that churches and individuals support many good gospel works, but if any felt it laid upon their heart to contribute towards the costs we would be very grateful. One particular area of costs, which is camps use solely, is the purchase of demountable bunk beds. These beds need to be easily put together and then taken down and stored. The bed we have selected will cost £300 each, not including the mattress.

We are planning to do as much work as possible in time for the Christian Worship Camp Cardiff Camp 2016 which begins on Monday 22 August.

Praying all our churches will know blessing

Dewi Higham 20160323