sermon notes

Notes 30 November 2022

midweek meeting 30 november
“christian relationships”

Col 3:17  And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

Last week we looked at the many locations of the Christian and how he must always be Christian. This week we look at the many relationships of the Christian and how he must always be Christian.

wife husband, mother father 

There is much dignity and strength when a wife is a wife according to the Scriptures. The husband must be kind and considerate. The mother is well placed in the family to do much good. The father must be loving and strong. It is a blessing to see a good relationship between a child and parents. When it comes to courtship may all be done with godliness and purity. May we also be good brothers, uncles and so on.


We need to be kind, honest and trustworthy workers. As managers we must be just and gracious.


As neighbours we might well be the closest they come to the gospel. We must also be good to strangers in need, with a heart for the poor. As citizens our duty is to bring men to the gospel.


So as members we are to be full of truth and grace, as our blessed Saviour. Pastors are to be kind men.


It is better to think in terms of being a good friend to others than long for good friends ourselves. Then again if we have good friends it should never exclude others. We are also to love our enemies with the mighty power of God.


We are to remember the animals and creatures of this World are God’s creatures.

the world
evil powers
good angels

The Christian must keep well away from the wickedness of this World. He must also wear the armour and resist the Devil. The good angels provide us example in many things.

Father Son
and Spirit

We worship and revere the Father as we come to him. We love the Son who is our life. We obey the Spirit who works in our hearts.