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testimony of dewi higham – friday 15 august 1969


As far back as I can remember I have understood the gospel. At least, I thought I understood the gospel. My mother used to say to me “Dewi, you need to be saved” and I heard my father preach the gospel every week with grace and power.

When I was twelve years old I truly understood the gospel for the first time during the final evening of a youth camp. There had been some signs of turning away from the gospel prior to that evening. My misdemanours would be nothing in the eyes of many, but when the Holy Spirit showed me my sin that evening I knew I was the chief of sinners.

The turmoil of heart produced a flood of tears as I sat there in that room condemned. As I wept there were some lads beside me laughing at my discomfort, but it mattered not, for the Spirit of God held my attention.

As the evening progressed I began to cry to God for his mercy. I cannot remember what words I used, I just know it was the language of the heart crying for help.

Then at a certain point in the evening worship two young girls sang the song “Burdens are lifted at Calvary”. The song was sung in Welsh since it was a Welsh Youth Camp. “Taflwn ein beichiau ar Galfari” were the words. As they sang of Christ’s death on the cross for sinners and as I cried to God for his mercy, I suddenly experienced a peace of heart. The Lord had heard and saved me.

My heart continued in peace and then I thought and prayed “Lord is it true, am I saved?” A second wave of peace possessed my heart and I knew.

The next morning the camp cook, known as Auntie Bessie, saw me walk out of the dormitory and asked me how I was. I can remember saying “A burden has been lifted from my shoulders”.

The following week I was telling my father of my experience in a cafe in Aberystwyth. “It was like this” I said to my father and taking the salt and pepper on the table to illustrate, “As God drew near to me I drew near to God.”

Dewi Higham