conferences 2004-2023


(20) Summer Conference 2023 in Cardiff • Robert Dickie and Malcolm Watts were the main speakers. Martin Williams (Welsh) and Pooyan Mehrshahi (Persian) also spoke at the conference.

(19) Summer Conference 2022 in Cardiff • John Greer, William Macleod and Timothy Nelson were the main speakers. Geraint Jones (Welsh) and Pooyan Mehrshahi (Persian) also spoke at the conference.

(18) Summer Conference 2021 in Cardiff • Gospel Messages by Roland Burrows,  John Saunders and Martin Williams (Welsh).

(17) Online Summer Conference 2020 • Robert Dickie “Guardians of the Truth”, William Macleod “End of the World”, Timothy Nelson “Be ye holy”, Gospel Messages by Timothy Nelson, William Macleod and Martin Williams (Welsh).

(16) Summer Conference 2019 in Cardiff • Ibrahim ag Mohamed “Certainties of the Believer”, Jonathan Northern “Atonement”, Gospel Messages by Jonathan Northern, Mark Stocker and Brian Jones (Welsh). Pooyan Mehrshahi spoke at the Persian Lunch.

(15) Summer Conference 2018 in Cardiff • John Greer “Holy living”, John Saunders “Gethsemane”, Thomas Yates “Heavenly Contemplations”, Aaron Lewis “Trusting God in Affliction”, Neil Pfeiffer “New Liberalism” lecture, Gospel Messages by Malcom Watts (Monday and Friday) and Alun Higham (Welsh).

(14) Summer Conference 2017 in Cardiff • William Macleod “The Church”, Richard Clarke “Nehemiah”, Ibrahim ag Mohamed “Habakkuk”, Jonathan Northern “Discouragement”, Jonathan Munday “The Calling”, Gospel Messages by Pooyan Mehrshahi (Persian), Hywel Roberts (Welsh), Mark Stocker and Peter Masters.

(13) Summer Conference 2016 in Cardiff • John Greer “Revival”, Robert Dickie “Pastor and People”, Bill Tipton, Pooyan Mehrshahi & Dewi Higham Gospel messages. Malcolm Watts “Knowing the Times” lecture. Dafydd Morris Welsh Conference.

(12) Summer Conference 2015 in Cardiff • Gerald Bilkes “Jacob”, Malcolm Watts “Mysterious visions of Christ”, Jonathan Stobbs “Psalms and the heart”, John Saunders & Dafydd Morris Gospel messages. Dewi Higham & Alun Higham Welsh Conference

(11) Summer Conference 2014 in Cardiff • John Thackway “Work and Sabbath”, Dafydd Morris “Union and Communion”, Teify Ebenezer “Christian Honesty”, Neil Pfeiffer “The Fear of God”, Malcolm Watts “Pastor and People”, Vernon Higham Gospel Message. Dewi Tudur Lewis & Neil Pfeiffer Welsh Conference.

(10) Summer Conference 2013 in Cardiff • Jonathan Stobbs “The Cross”, Joel Beeke “Lessons from the Puritans”, Vernon Higham “Preaching the Gospel”, Maurice Roberts “Death and Resurrection of Christ”, Peter Andrews “Gospel Message”, Dafydd Morris & Vernon Higham Welsh Conference

(9) Summer Conference 2012 in Cardiff • Jonathan Munday “Rahab’s Salvation”, John J Murray “Godly Living”, Vernon Higham “Song of Songs”, Richard Brooks “Waiting for the Dawning”, Neil Pfeiffer “Only a Touch”. Vernon Higham & Alun Higham Welsh Conference

(8) Summer Conference 2011 in Cardiff • Jack Seaton “Gospel in the Old Testament”, Vernon Higham “Sovereignty of God”, Alun McNabb “Pursuit of God”, Roland Burrows Monday Gospel Service “Shelter from the Storm”, Peter Masters Friday Gospel Service “Journey of Life”, John West & Vernon Higham Welsh Conference

(7) Summer Conference 2010 in Cardiff • Malcolm Watts “The First Things”, Vernon Higham “Pilgrim’s Progress”, David Kay Monday Gospel Service “Jesus Christ – The Life!”, Hywel Roberts & Irfon Parry Welsh Conference

(6) Summer Conference 2009 in Pembroke • Maurice Roberts “Christ is All”, Vernon Higham “Presence of God”, Hubert Clement Monday Gospel Service “Authoritative Gospel”, Dafydd Morris Welsh Conference

(5) Summer Conference 2008 in Pembroke • Robert Dickie “Pillars of the Faith”, Vernon Higham “Law of Love”, Dewi Higham Monday Gospel Service “John the Baptist and Jesus Christ”.

(4) Summer Conference 2007 in Pembroke • Malcolm Watts “The Last Things”, Vernon Higham “The Fullness of Christ”, Dewi Higham Monday Gospel Service “Mount Sinai”.

(3) Summer Conference 2006 in Pembroke • Vernon Higham “The Compassion of Christ”, Dewi Higham “Fire Dove Dew Wind”.

(2) Summer Conference 2005 in Pembroke • Vernon Higham “Changed from Glory into Glory”, Dewi Higham “Benediction”.

(1) Summer Conference 2004 in Pembrokeshire • Vernon Higham “True Christianity” and “The Four R’s”, Dewi Higham “Family Names of Christ”.